Friday, April 27, 2012

Firehouse Innovations

So this evening I meandered into the apparatus bay and found FF Nick Beck practicing with the water rescue throw ropes. He is taking an advanced swiftwater rescue course, and is brushing up for an upcoming session.

Recoiling the rope after the first throw, getting ready for the second throw.

Preparing to re-load the bag.

Here is the evolution on video: (the goal is two 50' throws in under 20 seconds)

He had a frustration, however - repacking the ropes was taking longer than he felt it should. What does he do when he is frustrated by a problem? He comes up with a solution! I enjoy having Nick on my company. He's a good man and a good fireman. He a problem solver. AND, he is quite the practical joker!

He took a coffee can - well, as I often refer to them, a coffee plastic. Yeah, that shows my age, as I remember when a coffee can was A CAN! Anyway, he cut down a side and then cut out the bottom. He rolls it around the rope and into the rope bag. Then, he simply hand+over-hands the rope into the bag, using small motions. When the rope clumps in the can, simply push it down into the bag.

Putting the rope in the can...

... putting the can in the bag...

... and loading the rope!

Close up of loading the rope.

After quickly reloading the rope bag, Nick quickly deploys the rope!

We practiced it behind the bay and found it to be quite a time saver. My genuine thanks to FF Nick Beck for: most importantly, showing us this technique, & for allowing me to photograph, video, and write about his little adaptation.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe, and God bless.



  1. They say necessity is the mother of invention. That seems to hold true here.

    If I ever manage to get hired, I'll be stealing that trick.

  2. HELLO KEN! I'm not a firefighter, but after one look I decided to add a link to your blog from mine, which is also on blogspot and entitled "Responding Well to Save Another" (...respondingwell dot blogspot...). Your blog highlights the professional first responder, while mine focuses on the little guy. Perhaps take a look at some of the stories there? If you like it, a link from your blog would be hugely appreciated! God Bless, and Thanks for what you're doing!