Sunday, December 1, 2013

1974 Maxim for sale

While driving near my parents place I came across this 1974 Maxim for sale between Columbus and Youngsville PA on U.S. 6. I do not know the seller, and I make no claims for the seller. Dad says it's been sitting there for several months.

I love older apparatus, and IF I had the space for it and IF I had the money, well, I'd've already bought it. I don't. I hate to see old beauties sitting, unwanted. I stopped by there this afternoon (12.1.2013) looked her over & got some pics.

From what I could tell, it's a 1974 Maxim F-Series cab with a diesel/automatic drive train. I couldn't find a plate with a pump rating, but it appears to be 1000 GPM and is single stage. I don't know the tank size, but I'd guess (based on my past experiences with apparatus of similar sizes) that the tank is 1000 to 1250 gallons in size, with my money betting on the 1000 gal size.

The body appears to have been rebuilt. It's got 4 Guys signs on the fenders, and is stainless steel. It has ¾ height compartments on both sides, a bracket for a dump tank, and space to mount ladders, but no ladder brackets.

The only seat on the rig is the driver's seat - all the others have been removed. There are beacons on the front and rear corners, and an electronic siren by Federal Signal (Interceptor?).

I don't know the maker of the diesel engine. I freely admit I didn't feel like climbing on someone else's privately owned engine in the snow when I'm on their property, unannounced and uninvited.

The sign in the front window said the price is $7000 obo. Call Steve at:
814-489-7815 or

Like I said above, I do not know Steve, and I have no further info on the apparatus for sale. If I had the necessary resources (money & space to put it) I would've already bought it myself. I'm simply taking this opportunity to help an old fire engine find a good home.